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The overarching objective is to create a state of the art Bone Marrow Registry which has about 1 Million members over a period of 5 years, which is accessible, free of cost to all needy patients and their clinicians.


Our enrolment strategy would try to ensure that there is a very low drop-out rate amongst the members. Our near-term objective in Phase 1 of the project is to build the registry with a modest target of having 10,000 names on the database by December 2015, when the database will be dedicated to the nation during the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Bangalore Medical College.


Key Challenges

The development of the Bone Marrow Registry is a mammoth task and if executed successfully, it would have an extra-ordinarily positive global impact. A critical piece of the pie is to have motivated donors who have given a truly informed consent to be on the registry. The second challenge is to find the finances to get the HLA typing done. Culturally, India has been finding it difficult to mobilise blood and marrow donors. In addition, lack of awareness about the value of bone marrow donation; safety concerns of the donors have led to people shy away from what is otherwise a noble cause. On the technology side, capabilities for enabling high resolution HLA typing using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) have not been built. These have led to a rather poor networking of potential donors, needy patients and health care facilities.


Take Away

It is clear that a Bone marrow Registry is a big need for the country. Existing facilities are inadequate and their services can be availed only at considerable cost. The Registry being planned by an independent, charitable organization like BMCDT has the greatest chance of success. We are committed to mobilizing a large group of motivated donors. It is a firm resolve to continue this activity for many years to have a substantial number of donors to make it a meaningful registry. We also believe in being completely transparent and democratic in the way the project is executed. We seek the support of our people in this endeavour.